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My First Trip to Highbury: From the Goonerboy Archives.

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Instead of doing a match preview, I thought I'd do something a little different today, something a little more in line with the excellent Arsenal Collective site. (Please visit it and submit an entry to the 'Memory Bank' - I did.) I also felt a little inspired by Mr Stillman's great piece on Vital Arsenal.

Finally Better Without Fabregas? Ten Thoughts on Everton 0 Arsenal 1

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Another satisfying win. To quote Jamie Redknapp (probably), we are literally going onwards and upwards. Thoughts as follows:

* There was a lot of grumbling about the starting XI on Twitter when it was announced, chiefly, it seems, because Ramsey had come in for AOC. Now, the Ox has been a revelation this year, but I thought before the game that Arsene had made the right call, and events proved his judgement correct.

A Short Post for Fabrice

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I was watching the game yesterday, and went to make some food just before Fabrice Muamba collapsed.

When I came back and saw the game had been stopped, and that a huddle of medical personnel were on the field, I assumed that a serious injury had happened. But it was when I saw the faces of the players, and the tears in the eyes of many Tottenham fans, that I realised something really serious had happened.

Verminated: 14 Thoughts on Arsenal 2 Newcastle 1

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Football, bloody hell, etc. etc. After a really crappy January, and two painful cup defeats, we have now decided to exclusively win games from losing positions. It's a lot of fun, but I'm not sure it's good for my heart. Anyway, thoughts as follows:
* The Newcastle goal is a catalogue of defensive errors from Arsenal.

Exclusive Scouting Report: Lukas Podolski's Performance for Koln Against Hoffenheim

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Hi everyone. Regular readers of the blog should remember 'Bobby' and the marvellous piece he wrote about the North London Derby a few weeks back. Well, Bobby gets to go to a fair amount of Bundesliga matches, and he recently attended the Koln vs. Hoffenheim match in which Lukas Podolski took part.

It was the Squad that Lost It: 12 Thoughts on Arsenal 3 AC Milan 0

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Well, what to make of that? One of the most exhilarating matches I've watched for a long time. We came close, but not close enough. Thoughts as follows:

* In my preview, I argued that we could win the game if we got one goal early on, and one before half-time, which would make the second half anyone's game.

Would You Play Robin van Persie Against Milan?

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It's been such a good fortnight that I'd almost, almost forgotten about our crippling, humiliating 4-0 defeat to Milan in the San Siro.

After that loss, we politely excused ourselves, and bid adieu to the FA Cup. But after shipping two goals against Spurs, the players picked themselves up, and drove themselves to victory in two big games.

Suarez vs. Van Persie: Thoughts on Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1

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Now that my heart rate has sufficiently stabilized, it's time to go through some of the major talking points of our big, big win against Liverpool.

* To judge the game dispassionately, Liverpool took control of the midfield at a fairly early stage of the game and never looked back.

Liverpool Preview: A Detailed Report on Arsenal's Opponents on Saturday

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Our difficult period of games continues this Saturday with a trip up to Anfield.

Let's try and work out what we can expect.

Arsenal's Recent Performances Against Liverpool

Games between the two teams have been relatively equal in recent years. Liverpool defeated us at the Emirates earlier this season, but both goals in their 2-0 victory only came after Frimpong had been sent off.