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Bite your lip, suck it up, and hold your head up high.

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Have a hard look at that image. Can you remember when and where it occured? I can: it was when we won the league at White Hart lane. Just to summarise, when have Spuds ever won the league at our ground? Hmm. Never I think is the answer. And this is the first point to remember: '61, never again'.

Congratulations Lassana Diarra: you are an idiot.

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It's hard to know what to make of this whole Diarra business in some ways. Maybe he has a point after all; maybe, regardless of the form of other players, Diarra should have swanned into the first XI. After all, promises were made to him when he signed for the club. I wonder what other promises were made?

Arsenal scrape a draw; Diarra and Jens remain in limbo.

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You have to start wondering what it's going to take for the Spuds to beat us. The last few occasions we've played, they've had the chances and the momentum to win matches, yet they just can't seem to go that extra step and actually get the result.

If I was one of their supporters, I'd be somehow between frustration and despair.

A comfortable win at Burnley and the transfer window opens.

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Firstly, a very happy new year to you all.

And a happy new year it has been so far for Arsenal, with two comfortable two-nil wins.

I did, somehow, make it the West Ham match, despite my exertions on New Years Eve, and was presented by a game that was over almost before it had begun.